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Where Energy meets Psychology

Flow–that feeling of being so completely engaged with whatever is in front of you to the point that you lose track of time and forget about all your daily concerns–is so exhilarating that once we experience it, we seek it over and over again. There is nothing more fulfilling than a life characterized by flow.

Energy flow is the ultimate intrinsic motivator. We don’t transform a habit to become healthier, we transform it to feel happier and more alive. We don’t express difficult feelings to be a good communicator, we speak our truth to maintain relational flow.

Everyday flow requires that we take complete responsibility for our energy and emotions along with learning the skills to transform situations that invoke resistance.

If your life feels as though you’re constantly swimming upstream, there is likely a relationship or habit that is ready to be transformed. I can help with this. Sometimes a slight shift is all it takes to get back into a state of flow.

If you have a question about counseling/coaching, speaking or training, email me at If you’re ready for more flow in your life, I invite you to check out the various resources on this site. Feel free to download a copy of my Free Spirit Manifesto or check out my blog or books. Taking the Personal Energy Inventory will help you identify where you’re flowing as well as the areas that need transformed.

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