Emotional boundaries

We all know the importance of having physical boundaries, but what about emotional? Emotional boundaries involve staying connected to your essence or core, even when others are unkind. Keeping emotionally safe requires the ability to support and love ourselves unconditionally.

Sometimes it’s just a vibe you get from another person that causes you to feel unsupported, other times it’s plain old meanness. Either way, staying connected to your breath while telling yourself (silently) that your worth is never in question – even if you’ve made a mistake – will keep you grounded in the midst of stormy weather.

This is not to say that we should ignore feedback altogether, sometimes there are valuable nuggets there, but the emotional message that you are “less than” is always an error in judgment not to be taken personally. In fact, it is often a projection of the self-worth of the person talking.

Containing your worth in spite of attempts to deflate it, is an essential step to becoming bright. Some of us are too open and some of us are too closed off – a balance of receptivity and unconditional self-love is key to keeping your inner light on.
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