Energy Therapies

As an Energy Coach, I believe in the effectiveness of energy therapies: balancing chakras, reiki, hands on healing, and I LOVE a great massage.. But a friend wrote me recently in a sort of desperation, seeking to find an energy therapist to heal a self-defeating pattern. I do not do this type of work, as I teach clients how to heal themselves by re-patterning thoughts and behaviors, while attuning to their spiritual natures.

While these therapies are balancing and often help to release cellular memory that can keep one stuck, they are no replacement for taking responsibility for your part of the pattern which created the imbalance in the first place.

It takes a willingness to SEE the truth, followed by consistent attention and energy toward changing how we view things, react to things, and often perpetuate our own pain. Every, and I do mean every, downer situation that occurs in our lives is an opportunity to transcend a limiting pattern. All you have to do is look at yourself with open eyes and be ready see what is often difficult to look at.

Replacing the parts of ourselves that play victim with warrior spirit takes time and effort, but the small battles are nothing compared to the victory of liberation that follows.

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