Heaven on Earth

Last night, I – along with millions of other people around the world – watched Oprah and Eckhart Tolle’s sixth week of discussion on his book, A New Earth. At the airport last week, I observed many people, who may not normally be drawn to such a deep book, reading A New Earth. It has now been a bestseller longer than any other book.

I’ve never seen such mainstream focus on the truth. We’ve always had great teachers, and great books pointing us in the right direction, but never has it exploded into mainstream culture as it is now.

This is huge. Each person touched by A New Earth will affect the collective consciousness, bringing the world that much closer to healing.

I’m grateful to Oprah for acting as a bridge between heaven and earth. The only way to transform this great globe of ours is one person at a time, and right now many are becoming inspired to do their part.

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