New York

I just returned from New York where I did a book signing at East West Living – a rare, boutique type spiritual bookstore on 5th Ave and 14th Street. The signing was wonderful, and like the trip itself, reflected New York’s vibe.

I was struck by the incredible dance between chaos and peace in the city. There were places where the noise, trash and frenetic energy felt caustic, but I experienced what felt like heaven walking through Central Park. The Cherry trees were in full bloom, and aside from other colorful tulips and flowers, all you could see was green.

One man – clearly and angel – came out of nowhere and cheerfully asked if we had any questions about the park. He spoke to us at length about its history and significance for the city. He said that Central Park is the lungs of NYC – what I thought to be a spectacular analogy. For without this oxygen producing sanctuary, there would be a severe imbalance in the city.

My inner vision is showing me increasing levels of divine order manifesting in the world. I almost felt that I got to see the city as an ancient version of itself, as soon, sustainable construction and renewable ways of living will rise up to meet the skies in this incredible place.
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