Peace Makers

For some time I’ve been wondering why some of the greatest peace makers of our time have lost lost their lives in pursuit of peace:

John F. Kennedy
Bobby Kennedy
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
John Lennon

Recently I read in A Course in Miracles that the collective ego becomes “murderous” in the face of guiltlessness, as being free of guilt threatens the ego’s very existence.

What does it mean to be guiltless? It means to be rooted so firmly in love that it’s impossible to perceive yourself or anyone else as guilty. Misguided – sure. Mistaken – of course. But never fundamentally guilty.

It’s a risk to rise above the collective mind – a risk that is natural for those who know better. I’m not sure why I’m writing about this subject, as it is heavy and can be frightening. But I wanted to share the answer I received from the question of “Why?”

The answer – that the ego is threatened by love – is a good one, and perhaps understanding why unconscious people react so strongly to pure love will provide inspiration and courage for us on our respective journeys toward inner and outer peace.

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