Byproducts of Energy

Joy. Inspiration. Fulfillment. Clarity. Freedom. Calm. Patience. Love. Enthusiasm. Peace.

There are as many energy byproducts as there are tulips in this picture, each one being a different facet of the fuel that nourishes us.

You may notice that when you’re depleted, the uplifting feelings you crave are no where to be found. They are replaced by irritability, impatience and discouragement.

Last week I was in Baltimore doing a training. I flew out Thursday, did the training Friday morning and flew home Friday afternoon – between the airport and the flights, I spent 14 out of 36 hours in transit… The week before I was in New York walking my behind off to see as much of the city as possible in my short time there. Needless to say, two East coast trips in a row pretty much drained the life out of me.

When I returned unable to tap into the stream of inspiration that normally flows through me, I knew immediately that it was low energy. So rather than spend any time wondering what was wrong in my life for me to be “off,” I went about the business of doing nothing. All week – other than do minimal work and take care of my daughter – I took naps, went to bed early and read more than usual. .

I’m back to my regular self now, inspired and ready to go. Had I not remembered that a low mood is most often low energy, I may not have done what I needed to do to recover so quickly.

We can’t pursue the gifts of energy directly, but we can pursue energy directly. So the next time you’ve lost your optimism and lust for life, check-in with yourself – perhaps you just need to lay low for a day or two and replenesh your life force.

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