That was so easy!

After I gave birth to my daughter – following hours of torture and throwing up from the pain – one of the first things I said was, “That was so easy!” It was completely genuine, as I had already forgotten how hard it was.

The interesting thing about it is that every time my daughter completes something she’s really nervous about, she says the exact same thing: “That was so easy!” I’m pretty sure she doesn’t remember me saying it the day she was born, but nevertheless, it seems to be a mantra of my tiny clan.

I’m starting to feel the same way about spiritual living. After years of struggling to learn these principles and really integrate them into my behaviors, it is now feeling “so easy.”

I don’t know why we all have to go through a period of preparation prior to bliss, but we do. We have to learn to surrender what our small minds think is right in order to support life’s consistent flow.

We need to be willing to let go of life-constricting patterns so that we remain expansive inside, regardless of the circumstances on the outside.

We need to allow our belief constellations to enter our awareness and be dismantled if they don’t support our highest good.

And finally, we need to love ourselves impeccably – no matter what – in order to open up inside so that our essence can extend through us and love others – no matter what.

I haven’t reached the teenage years with my daughter as of yet… I was, shall we say, a handful? I have a little apprehension about the karma that might be coming my way. But I’m hoping that on the other side of that precarious stage, that my daughter and I both say, “That was so easy!”
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