World Wellness Weekend

Two weeks from today I’m going to Austin to speak at World Wellness Weekend about embodied spirituality. It is such a perfect subject for the event. WWW brings together earthy musicĀ and inspiring spirituality. The integration of spirit and matter, masculine and feminine, heaven and earth is what embodied spirituality is all about.

Embodied spirituality is the next era of human evolution. We are coming out of a time of projected spirituality – where our light is buried, projected outward and then chased. Embodying your spirit means connecting with your inner light at its source. As your spirit fills you up, it naturally pours into the world. We no longer need to chase it, as are completely fulfilled.
I’m excited to share this message with the attendees of WWW, as embodying our own essence is the only thing that satisfies our ravenous appetites. All the food, alcohol, sex, power and money in the world won’t give us what we are craving, but the highly refined and nourishing energy of spirit will fill us up and light up the world.
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