Babyboomers Rock!

I’m sitting at my desk on this lovely Saturday morning working on my latest writing project with the window open. All of a sudden I hear loud music, “Let the sideshow begin – hurry, hurry – step right on in – Can’t afford to pass it by, guaranteed to make you cry…” Do you remember that song?

Well, I can’t wait to get a glimpse of the person blaring one my favorite oldies. Then I see her. A woman in her fifties in a bright yellow convertible Chevy SS with the top town. She has a tie dyed shirt on. Other than the music, car and clothes, she looks strikingly average… If you put her in a different outfit, you might mistake her for your best friend’s mom.

This confirms a conversation I had with a friend yesterday. I told him that baby boomers are going to make getting older easier for the rest of us. That they had already paved the way with the women’s movement, gave us a road map for what to do and not to do when faced with an unending war, and inspired a new flock of hippy, peace seeking, live and let live youngsters -just look around and you’ll see peace signs and environmental slogans everywhere.

If anyone reading this is a baby boomer, I would like to say thank you. You break down barriers, set trends, and spread coolness wherever you go. Getting older has never been so hip.
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