Voice of Life

Spirituality and healing have been at the center of my life for nearly 17 years. It’s always involved my learning first and then teaching what I’ve learned – this, I suspect, will never change.

For the first 15 years I focused on finding inner peace and helping others to do the same. It came as a bit of a shock to me two years ago when I realized how connected our inner peace is to world peace. Of course, it makes sense – but the literal implications are startling. This new layer is what I’ve been teaching for a while, and what I’m currently writing about.

Here’s something else rather staggering. Every speaker I heard at World Wellness Weekend made the connection between individual healing and healing of the world. It is so awesome to know that the voice of life is whispering the same thing to those who are listening.

We are so connected. To each other and to the universal spirit that animates our very existence. This comforts me. I love that we’re all moving in the same direction and that anyone who wishes to know life’s agenda can just tune into that frequency and get a clear message.

What messages are you receiving?
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