What a blast!

I just returned from speaking at World Wellness Weekend in Austin – what a blast! Not only did I get to spend two days with people who deeply care about the environment, and evolving into their best selves, I was privileged to listen to some amazing live music and awesome speakers.

Austin – although already feeling rather humid – is such a cool city. The people are among the friendliest I’ve ever met, and the vibe there is “chill” as the young would say;)

I have to say, my favorite part (other than the pure joy and adventure of spending two and a half days with my sister-in-law Amy, who attended with me – thanks girl!) was sharing the message of embodied spirituality. It was great to see the light go on for those who discovered the specific ways they avoid their own transformation – and how these compulsive avoidance strategies are just the ego’s way of attempting to keep it from being transmuted by the fire of spiritual energy.

This road to transparency and radiance can get a little rocky, but when we understand the bigger picture – that we are meant to share our inner light rather than project it onto other things and people and chase after it – the rocks become more like pebbles and we keep going until they turn to sand, and we to diamonds.

I wish you were all there:)

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