Fountain of Love

Yesterday I became inspired to stroll through a nearby neighborhood to check out the houses. As I walked down the first street, I noticed a couple of young guys hanging around a car in a driveway. A few minutes later I heard one of the boys yell inside his house, “We’re leaving, I Love you!” I smiled and thought how nice it was that a teenager would be so overtly loving to his family, while my humorous self fantasized about turning around, waving, and yelling, “I love you too!” They would have been mortified:)

I continued to walk and came across a BEAUTIFUL, white house with flowing water fountain sounds coming from the enclosed courtyard. Intense red wildflowers covered dark brown, little stones (think Greece). I was completely inspired by the beauty and divine order emanating from this home.

A few houses down I walked by another teen-age boy. He was super cute and edgy, and was talking on his cell phone. I wondered if he was a challenge for his mom. Just as I passed his driveway I heard him yell, “I’m leaving mom, I love you.” Can you believe that? Two boys at the prime age of coolness yelling “I love you” to their mothers where the whole neighborhood can hear.

I thought to myself, teenage boys sure are nice these days. A while later a thought popped into my head that maybe my energy inspired these boys the way the house inspired me… I’m not always a fountain of love, but yesterday I did feel very open and loving.

It doesn’t really matter what made these boys express their love so openly. What does matter is that at the level of energy, we are like soup. Your vibes rub off on whoever you come near and vice versa. Every person, place and thing gives off a unique vibe that enters your energy field whether you’re aware of it or not.

It reminds me of my favorite Emerson quote, “Who you are is shouting so loudly that I can hardly hear what you say.”
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