Me and Mucci

My daughter has been out of town all week and it’s been just me and Mucci, my four legged companion who’s too chill for words.

It’s been an interesting time of reflection and peace. As synchronicity would have it, a friend sent me a CD called The Science of Getting Rich – thanks Sundar! My initial response to the title was along the lines of, “I’m about more than money..” But being in this place of openness and growth, I gave it a listen.

I’m here to tell you that it is the only message I’ve heard on wealth that has made deep down sense to me. Below are some nuggets the author (Wallace Wattles) shares:

  • The desire for wealth is a desire for growth and expansion which is the nature of life.
  • Getting rich on the competitive plane hurts everyone.
  • When we rise up to the creative plane of thought, getting rich adds more life to everyone.
  • There is an infinite amount of intelligent, formless substance therefore we can all be rich.
  • The only way to lift the world out of poverty is by demonstrating creative wealth.
  • Holding on to “The Truth” despite appearances allows the creative mind to work for you.

In this model it is supremely important not to dip into competitive thinking, which is common sense, but I’m afraid most of us do it all the time. Take the example of looking for the perfect car or house, finding it, and then being afraid that it won’t be there when you’re ready… This is competitive thinking. At the level of creation, the perfect thing will present itself at the perfect time.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I for one am excited for my bundle of joy to return home to momma!

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