The Process is the Outcome

I often refer to the first time I heard my spiritual voice as the period in my mid-twenties when I was trying to decide if I should move to Chicago, and my inner voice said, “You need to go work on yourself so that you can love others more…” I wrote about the experience in Opening to Life and share it often because it was one of the most profound and clear messages I’ve received.

A year or two before that however, was the real first time I heard my inner voice. It was quite subtle, but it had a lasting effect on me. It was around the same time – in my twenties – when I had been struggling with a long-standing issue with food and body image. I don’t know that I had a full blown eating disorder, but it robbed my inner peace everyday, so I’m thinking that would qualify.. I basically obsessed over what and how much I ate all the time. I would restrict severely and then overeat – total nonsense.

One day while on a walk ruminating over what I had eaten, a voice inside me said, “The process is the outcome.” It repeated itself over and over, which is a tell tale sign that spirit is talking. The bigger picture that came with the words was that the choices made in each moment are more important than any future outcome.

I really got that message. It was the beginning of my healing with food, and to this day I make good decisions about what I eat because I’m aware that my well being is rooted in this moment only – whatever sprouts in the future is simply an extension of right now.

I’m being reminded of this lesson during this time of transition. When I tune into my highest self and do what it guides me to do in any given moment I experience peace. However, when I forget to focus on NOW, I fall into a sort of funk that I later have to climb out of through Right Action again.
Right Action in the moment in every area of life. Now that’s freedom. The outcome is out of our hands, but in reality the process is the outcome.
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