Workplace Energy

Here’s a question for you… First, Do you work in a formal work environment? Second, How d0 you keep your energy untangled from the drama so that you can remain fresh and life-filled?

Working in a setting with many people – each with a unique psychic landscape – can be challenging. Emotional triggers, power struggles, and toxic zings fly around the room looking for a place to land.

Here’s what I recommend when things get tricky:

Observe – Notice the dynamics that are occurring.
Acknowledge – Admit to yourself that what’s happening isn’t ideal.
Refuse to Play – Refuse to engage in the unhealthy dynamic.
Stay Connected – Keep your awareness on your breath – this creates an energetic buffer between you and the drama.

If you have any tips for keeping energized in the midst of unhealthy dynamics at work, I’d like to hear about them. Also, if you work in a positive and healthy work environment, I’d love to hear what you think makes it so.

In terms of an update on my situation – I’ve decided to stay focused on my mission to bring more light into this world through my own demonstration, teaching and coaching. I will leave you on that super lovely and exciting note and hope to hear from you about your work experiences!
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