Do More, Talk Less..

Have you ever noticed that when you talk about an inspired idea too early the energy deflates and you lose your enthusiasm? Next thing you know, you’re on to something else and can’t even remember what you were excited about…

I believe that creative energy needs to be contained long enough to gestate and take form. This involves keeping the new concept (conception) to ourselves until it has had a chance accumulate some energy and momentum, taking on a life of its own.

I’m like a puppy – very excitable and licking everyone I come in contact with. Only instead of licking, I gush all over them, excitedly sharing my latest inspiration. This is such a frequent occurrence that I’m surprised my friends and family don’t start rolling their eyes the moment I start talking.

My new motto is “Do More, Talk Less.” I will try to refrain from sharing all the inspirations I received in yoga today and just get to work on them. Worry not – I promise to gush all over you the moment they are formed enough to live through it.
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