Have you heard of entrainment? It’s the synchronization of two or more rhythmic cycles. It was discovered in the 17th century by a clock maker. Before going to bed, he noted that all the pendulums on his clocks were swinging at different rates. In the middle of the night he woke up to discover that they were all in harmony. Perplexed, he got up and set them all uniquely again, and within hours found that they had once again entrained.

Since that time, scientists have observed that the principle of entrainment is universal and exists in nature, architecture, chemistry etc. I’ve been reading about how it applies to the body in the book, Heartmath, which I mentioned in a recent blog.

The way it works is that all organism entrain with the strongest vibration within the system. The heart happens to be the strongest organ in the body, and when we are entrained (in alignment) the rest of the organs are synchronized with the heart. When we are in sync, the intuitive and rational minds work together beautifully and we are powerful. When we “get ahead of ourselves” or become disconnected we are leading with our heads without the support of the heart. In this case, we lose our power.

In only takes five minutes of giving your mind over to your heart to initiate entrainment. This means five minutes of not thinking – not feeding your head energy so that it is free to get in rhythm with the heart.
You’ll notice that you feel whole when you do this – connected, calm and at peace. We’ve always heard we should follow our hearts, but now we have practical suggestions on how to do it!
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