Power vs. Force

I’m sure some of you have heard of the book, Power vs. Force by David Hawkins. It’s a classic amongst self-help junkies like me, and a great book that explores the difference between mental force and spiritual power.

The heart/mind connection I’ve been studying lately states the same message – that an intention backed by the heart is vastly more powerful than a mental intention alone. To illustrate this, Marci Schimoff – who also spoke at World Wellness Weekend in Austin – had the audience do the following exercise: One person held their hands up with the palms facing one another. The other person was to press their hands back together using strength. This proved near impossible. Next, we were to tune into our hearts and try again – Viola! With heart centered power it was easier to move the palms of our partners together.

Frustrated with my homeowners association and desperate for some help with a problem I’ve been having – suffice to say roof rats or pigeons are involved, and possibly both – anyhow, I crafted a direct and polite email while paying attention to my heart and sent it off. Rather than being irritated and agitated, I stayed open and heart centered. I have not heard back yet, but I will keep you posted..

In the meantime, I’d appreciate any good vibes sent in this direction, as I could use your support:)
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