Are you an empath?

Do you easily pick up on other people’s vibes?

Can you tell how a person feels without asking?

Do you sometimes “catch” a mood without knowing where you caught it?

Empaths naturally tune-in to other’s emotions. This gift is a double edged sword. Enhanced sensitivity to the feelings of others allow us to be compassionate, socially smart and aware of our surroundings, but this ability to feel the energy of others can also get in the way.

There’s a reason children lose their natural psychic ability over time – being aware of how people think and feel can cause us to silence our own needs in favor of theirs.

While we don’t want to get rid of our ability to tune-in to others, we do need to be able to “tune-out” sometimes. For example, if there is someone in your life who’s controlling and becomes disappointed when you don’t do what he or she wants. Or, if you sense that another person does not want you to be successful in some area of your life.

We can selectively “block” others from our psychic channels if they do not have our best interest at heart. Be aware of the fine line between blocking and avoiding. If you have a pattern of avoiding those who mirror aspects of yourself that you don’t like to see, that is simply delaying your own growth and evolution. Tuning people out should be reserved for times when you are certain that there are no personal lessons to learn.

Most of us have some empathic ability. Learning to navigate this skill helps us shield ourselves from psychic attacks while preserving our energy flow and openness.

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