Making Decisions

Decision making isn’t always easy, especially the big ones involving jobs, relationships or a possible move. Society’s conventional wisdom often encourages one thing, while our gut instincts tell us something different.

Here’s the thing: Gut instincts are always right. The life energy contained in your body provides direct information that doesn’t go through the filters of the mind. Further, this information is connected to all of life and has insight into what serves the whole, whereas our minds provide more of an egoistic or individual perspective.

My belief and experience is that, with patience, conviction eventually bubbles up from the body, penetrating the mind. I’m in the habit now of waiting for that feeling of conviction prior to making big changes. When it comes, it often feels like an inner explosion of energy or knowledge.

Next time you’re trying to decide what to do, try asking your higher self for the conviction to go one way or another. Though it may take some time, you’ll always receive it. In the long run, following your instincts saves time, heartache and energy:)
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