Red Carpet Days

A Course in Miracles tells us that miracles are every one’s right, but purification is necessary first. While I’ve experienced the truth of this statement over the years as I become more emotionally clear, I also know that we can experience miracles whenever we are balanced.

Balance comes from being rested and at peace. As we all know, peace comes from making good choices – especially the small ones! These two simple states of mind, along with expecting miracles, will fill each day with random serendipitous events.

You know the kind of day I’m talking about. You go for a coffee and a person pulls out of the closest parking spot just as you drive up. The clerk is unusually kind, and lovely surprises greet you at every juncture of your day.

These serendipitous moments are “miracles” – the effect of life energy flowing out of you and “making the crooked places straight.” It’s as if a red carpet is rolling out in front of you as you walk.

The Course asks us to dedicate each day to miracles. This is worth doing, as there is no reason that every day shouldn’t be a red carpet day.
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