Getting Ahead of Yourself

For years I’ve lived ahead of myself – not metaphorically, but literally. I know this is a phrase we use in everyday language, but it’s surprising how many of these common sayings are literal in an energetic sense.

If you’re a visionary – someone who naturally has a sense of what’s to come – you are susceptible to getting ahead of yourself too. Getting ahead of yourself is what happens when your energy jumps ahead of your body in an attempt to rush something along, only instead of accelerating your goals, it slows things down.

This is because we are most powerful when we fully embody our energy – without moving ahead of where we’re at in the present moment. To get a sense of whether you’re ahead of yourself, simply notice how you are around other people. Do you feel the need to convince them of who you really are? Do you get the message that they don’t really “see” you? If so, perhaps it’s because a part of you is in front of you! Make sense?

I’ve only recently become aware of this whole phenomenon because I’m no longer ahead of myself. I’m resting squarely in my body, and, I’m being responded to differently. People now see me – the real me. I have to wonder why I rushed ahead for so long… I think if I’d just kept pace with myself, everything would have unfolded a bit more gracefully.

Being in your body is no easy task – we can be beside ourselves, behind or above as well, but I’m thinking that’s another blog… For now, rest easy knowing that where you’re at is perfect, and accepting your present place is the most efficient way to get to where you’d like to be.
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