Show-up Prepared

Lately I’ve been pretty busy. I’m not complaining, as I requested it:) And in between teaching classes, giving talks and coaching, I’m preparing for these things, writing articles, being a mom, and trying to squeeze in a yoga class or two…

Well tonight, at the end of one of those well deserved yoga classes, my mind started racing about all I needed to get done. My intuition interrupted me. “Show up prepared,” it said. As it goes with intuitive messages, I got the felt sense of what it meant along with the words.

Showing up prepared has two dimensions. Of course, you do your homework, plan your talk, or whatever it is that you’re doing, so that you do a good job, but that’s not enough. We need to show up full – full of our own spirits, fully present, and in a peaceful place so that we can hear our inner voice direct us appropriately.

The other day I went to the doctor for a check up, an elderly woman on the elevator with me was having a hard time finding her way out to the parking lot. I pushed the button for the floor she told me she needed to go to and stayed in the elevator to see if it worked. It didn’t, a couple of other people got on the elevator and I told them where she needed to go and then got off on my floor. She looked at me nervously as I got off the elevator. I proceeded to check in with my doctor’s office and then told the receptionist that I needed to check something. I went back out and sure enough, this woman was riding the elevator up and down by herself, having no idea where to go. She was about to cry and couldn’t even tell me where she lived, but knew she was waiting for dial-a-ride. I saw to it that she found her way to her ride and then went back up to my appt. If I hadn’t shown up prepared, I wouldn’t have been paying attention to my intuition telling me that the woman still needed help.

I believe it’s important to be clear about what we want in life, but aside from getting clear, our only job is to show up to whatever we’re doing prepared – both physically and spiritually. It doesn’t matter if it’s going to the grocery store. By doing so, we hand the details over to life and allow divine order to take over.

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