Energy Squared

For those of you who have not heard, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity equation – e=mc2 – was just corroborated or confirmed at the sub-atomic level. The theory has, of course been applied to science and used in many discoveries, but until recently the actual equation was nothing more than a hypothesis.

Here’s a formula that applies to interpersonal relationships: Energy2

The big myth today is that win/lose is a choice in relationships. The truth is if one person loses, both lose – energetically that is. Conversely, when making energizing or life-enhancing choices, everyone wins.

This concept is somewhat abstract, but think about it this way – if you feed someone energy at your own expense, you lose because you get drained, and they lose because they increase their dependency on external energy sources.

But if you make choices based on inspiration, i.e., when you are energized/in-spirit enough to do them – the energy has moved through you first, before it is shared with the world: Win/Win – Energy2.

Here’s the tip to remember: Inspiration is the feeling of being full of energy. Any action taken from this place fills you up and lights up the world simultaneously. Anything less than inspiration: obligation, boredom, resentment, etc. is caused from being drained and an indication that you need to fill yourself up before doing anything.

Einstein continues to feed us with his inspired discovery – now let’s keep it going!
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