The Bounty of Mother Earth

Recently while meditating and consciously filling myself with spiritual energy, I’ve felt the need to pass some of it down to Mother Earth. The imagery I’ve been receiving is that of the earth being depleted of it’s bountiful resources and not getting anything back.

I also felt us humans as ungrounded – attached more to the values of heaven than earth, even though both are equally valuable. Earthly values are more yin than yang, and have the role of receiving. An example of this is planting a flower. The earth graciously receives the seed and the flower eventually grows out of the dark, fertile soil.

I don’t consider it a coincidence that this awareness is coming to me around Thanksgiving – a time when we celebrate the bounty of mother earth. Attention, appreciation and respect are all necessary for any living being to thrive, and the earth is a living organism.

This is a wonderful time to direct appreciation and attention to the earth. Simply being aware of it and the unyielding support it provides is a good start. Remember, where attention goes, energy flows, and everything sustainable requires energy.

Have a blessed holiday!

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