Hustle and Bustle

The holidays are here – a sacred time to enjoy each other and the magic of rebirth. But many of us are rushing around getting our shopping done and attending parties, only half aware of the magic around us. The word that keeps coming to me is “priority.”

When we consciously remember what’s important, it’s easier to let go of the stuff that’s not. What’s important to you this holiday season? Is it the spiritual significance of rebirth? Is it celebrating traditions that have been in your family for generations? Is it being with loved ones and en-joy-ing them?

Whatever your priorities are, I encourage you to take a moment and remember them and put them at the top of your list. Chances are there are some things at the top that shouldn’t be there.

I for one am going to slow myself down internally. I’ll still do many things, but I’m going to make sure there is enough space in between to allow my spirit to fill me up from the inside. This way, when I’m with others or celebrating the sacredness of this time of year, I will be full, present and engaged.

Here’s hoping you enjoy all the fun and love that the holidays bring!
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