Just More Frosting…

Like most people, I have a practical side and a frivolous side. While I enjoy beautiful things and have a wonderful, abundant life, I find a lot of stuff over the top.

I was at a birthday party with my daughter over the weekend. The girls were making pottery while the moms chatted about Thanksgiving and other mom stuff. The conversation came around to purses, as one of the women showed us her new designer bag. She told us to “run, not walk” to Saks for the current sale. When asked about the price of her bag, she said, “Well, it’s less than a Chanel.”

A deep belly laugh forced it’s way out of my body as I heard that statement. I’m not sure why and I’m hoping it wasn’t rude, because I thought the woman was really nice. But the idea of paying thousands of dollars for a purse struck me as funny.

Upon reflecting on the whole scenario and the insane amount of money that oozes from the area that I live, I was given the intuitive insight that anything beyond being comfortable is like piles of icing on a cake. Not the first layer that makes it yummy, but ribbons of frosting on top of flowers and such. Truth is, too much of it can make you sick.

In a society that leans toward putting money above God, I thought the image of cake frosting was worth sharing. And while I have many nice things and lots more to come, I will always prefer one smooth layer of frosting on top of my cake.
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