My Spring

I’ve written before about seasons in one’s life. Not only are there seasons of fall (change), winter (death), spring (rebirth) and summer (abundant life), but there are longer seasons, such as seven year cycles.

I just completed a seven year relationship cycle. It has been seven years since my marriage ended. Prior to that was seven years of marriage. I have been aware that another seven year period was coming to a close and felt the ending of another phase in my life. Strangely enough outer circumstances have shifted as well, pointing to an end of an era.

The irony is that I’ve been trying to get on the computer all morning to write this blog entry, but my Internet connection was down. I little while ago I called Cox and they walked me through a few things, none of which were successful. Finally the guy helping me said, “let’s try something else.” He had me go to my Internet “Tools” and clear out my browser history. When I tried to get on the Internet after that, it worked. I immediately went to my browser to select “” from the drop down window. Nothing came up. All had been cleared out, like the last seven years of my life.

The organic nature of change is baffling. It’s as if everything is on its own time, and despite our best efforts, life moves at its own pace. Change is always bittersweet, but a clear past and open future feels good to me. This is my Spring.

God Bless.
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