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Every now and then I see someone who inspires me toward the best version of myself. One day in college I remember seeing a young woman walking down the street as I drove by the campus. I can’t recall what she looked like, but I can tell you that she emanated inner peace. During that time I had more inner conflict than peace, and the impact that she had on me was astounding. In just 20 seconds – the amount of time it took to drive by – I knew she had something that I needed.

It happened again today. Earlier I had an interaction with someone that knocked the wind out of me. You know the kind that hits so hard that it takes a long time to get your breath back? Well, it was that and more. If there’s such thing as past lives (and I’m pretty sure that’s the case:) then today’s incident reached back many lifetimes to expose a very old wound.

I was so flooded with emotion that I wasn’t being productive at anything, so I went for a long walk. I decided to go by my favorite house – you may remember me describing it in a prior blog – smooth, white stucco with a water fountain in the front yard, amidst dark stones covered in red wild flowers… It just so happens that the owner was working in her garage. She, like her house, emanated creativity, divine order and health. Without my even saying hello (she was busy), I walked by and caught a big big dose of her balanced energy. So much so that I came home, cleaned my house and did some other things in order to regain my balance.

I share this as a reminder that energy is contagious and you never know who your presence is going to inspire. There is now research showing that we catch happiness from others – even more so than frustration or anger. And I’d be willing to bet that the same is true for inner peace, joy and the other positive emotions. For me, this is just one more reason for impeccable self care. If there is any cell in your body that believes loving yourself is selfish, let it be known that we affect others by our presence alone.

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