Portals of Peace

For some time I’ve been working on a book called, Portals of Peace: Healing the World One Person at a Time. The book was inspired by an image that came to me of one person after another opening up from the inside, light streaming from them into the world.

What has become increasingly clear over the past several years is that the majority of us – good people, loving people, religious and non-religious – have divided psyches due to continuously suppressing emotions and aspects of ourselves that we don’t like. This inner division is projected onto the world as outer division and conflict.

As we claim and integrate our suppressed selves, we can’t help but channel light – it naturally flows forth from a clear vessel. The beauty is that inner peace precedes world peace, so it truly is a win/win.

I know that those of you following this blog (200-300 views a week) are committed to being a light in the world, so I wanted to share what’s coming. There’s some momentum toward integration right now and each one of us who courageously reclaims that which is buried within dramatically affects the healing of the collective psyche. It is this – a healed collective psyche – that translates into a more peaceful world.
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