Show Your Spots

Yesterday I was on a business owners teleconference and one of the coaches, Molly Luffy, was talking about authenticity as it relates to success. She said, “Flaunt your quirks!” I had to laugh out loud, because I’m in total agreement. If you read The Energy Cure, you’ll remember the part about how we are all quirky when really being ourselves.

In this culture of over-socialization and over-homogenization, there’s a lot of pressure to fit into a certain mold. Trying to be like others is such a trap! What is ideal really? One of my favorite people in the whole world has a nice, round booty (you know who you are girl). She likes to sing the song, “baby got back,” and where clothing that accentuates this lovely feature. Because of this, she’s hot!

As spirit flows through your body it produces a completely unique and un-replicable essence. It is impossible to reject a part of oneself without diluting your essence. I’m still working on embracing my quirks – my over-analyzing mind, roundish hips, and the tendency to do whatever I want – but the better I get at celebrating my quirkiness, the more spirited I become.

I encourage you to look for people in your life who flaunt their quirks – let’s make them our role models. And once you find them, flaunt your own!

By the way, I’d love to hear what you’re quirks are and celebrate them with you:)

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