Closer than your breath…

Once in meditation I received the impression of God being closer than my breath. Think about it – closer than your breath – that’s pretty darn close. Since then, I’ve been deeply comforted by the whole idea. But it’s more than him being closer than our breath, God is our breath, our cells, and the air around us.

Even though we all know God is not a man with a beard living “out there” somewhere, this idea is deeply held in our collective consciousness, doing us a huge disservice. I believe it is the reason we so often pursue happiness outside ourselves. Those of you who read Opening to Life may remember me talking about “the treadmill effect” – us chasing our spirit, but never finding it.

What if we experienced the fullness of God in every breath and even in between breaths? What if we knew that the substance of our being is the same substance that creates everything else, and therefore that, in truth, we are in need of nothing? This is our evolutionary point right now. We are moving from duality to integration – from chasing life to embodying and expressing it.

Next time you find yourself wanting something that you don’t have, try taking a deep breath and then receiving the energetic quality of whatever you’re seeking. God truly is closer than your breath, waiting to be received in all Her glory;)
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  1. This is an awesome post. Yes He is!

    Comment by Jocelyne — July 12, 2012 @ 11:43 am

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