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Our friend and blog contributor Vincent has started a Meet-up group here in Phoenix called Manifest Your Life. It looks very cool:) Here is some information about the group and a link if you’re interested!

There are two main forms of energy in physics: potential energy and kinetic energy. Think of potential energy as the energy that “could be” and kinetic energy as the energy that “is”. For example, a roller coaster builds potential energy as it climbs. This potential energy is at its maximum as the roller coaster sits at its apex. Then, as the roller coaster begins its wild decent, the potential energy is converted into kinetic energy. Physics also teaches us that energy in our universe can never be created nor destroyed, just converted from one form to another.

Your goals are your own personal potential energy, and your successes are your kinetic energy. The catalyst which converts your potential energy to kinetic energy is focus. Focus is the energy, the fire, which turns your goals into successes. Focus is achieved through a disciplined mind and positive feelings, and maintained with a well balanced life.

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