With Easter on the horizon, it’s a good time to revisit the ultimate spiritual goal: Atonement. From my perspective and spiritual training, atonement involves relaxing into the most fundamental spiritual truth that exists – that we are all one.

Of course, we are all separate beings from the body’s perspective, but if you go to the deepest level of who we are, you arrive at pure spirit, and at this level we are one.

The ocean analogy is appropriate here, with the waves of the ocean representing each person, but underneath each wave is a body of water without limits or separation of any kind.

Embracing the fact that we are “one” involves accepting our physical differences while at the same time acknowledging our spiritual sameness. This can be confusing, as the ego likes to make people bad for not fitting the mold we think they should fit into.

We accept that we are “at one” each time we release another from the judgements we have made about them, instead seeing them as the spiritual brother or sister that they are. This does not entail living without boundaries, rather it involves loving and caring for yourself without making others fundamentally wrong or bad.

Easter is a time of redemption – a time to take the thorny crowns off those we’ve judged, and offer them freedom instead. Only when we free others of imprisoning judgments are we freed ourselves.

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