At One

Reconciling spiritual truth with material appearances can be challenging. I remember early on in my spiritual journey, when I’d have a fight with my husband and try to meditate it away. It never worked. I ended up having to process my feelings the good ol’ fashion way and then express myself, my frustrations and my needs. How utterly human…

These days I’ve come to appreciate the dance between being both spiritual and human. The spiritual part of me puts everything into perspective, while my humanness gets to enjoy relationships, good food, and the beauty all around me.

Another spiritual principle that seems to contradict human reality is how we are all “at one.” It’s not that hard to make the leap when you think of someone you love and have a close relationship with, but what about someone you used to love or have never loved? Feeling at one with someone you’ve chosen not to have a relationship with can be challenging, yet we can’t deny the truth of our spiritual unity.

It seems to me that the secret to honoring our essential connection with one another is to follow the path of peace – letting the form of the relationship be determined by what gives both parties inner peace -without trying to force any particular physical connection. This could involve never seeing or talking to the person, or it might mean seeing them only occasionally or when needed for practical reasons.

It seems to me that being at peace with the form a relationship naturally takes is the way to relax into the sea of oneness that is our spiritual reality.

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