Extending Peace

I havn’t written in a while. Truth is I’ve been doing too much. I always find that when my schedule gets too packed the first thing to go is my inspiration and creative energy. Also my enthusiasm and sense of wonder. I miss it and am committed to slowing down and reconnecting with my spirit.

Some wonderful things are happening. Portals of Peace is going to be available in about three weeks. It will be available exclusively on http://www.intentionlove.com/ for about six weeks and then it will be on Amazon and other booksellers.

On Friday I went to the McDowell Mountain Music Festival with some family and close friends. We passed out small cards with the Portals of Peace book cover and the following quote from the book:

“You are an essential piece of the humanity puzzle. The only way to take your rightful place is to show up fully as yourself. Completing the puzzle of humanity by being fully yourself is the most important job you have as a human being. This is the way we bring our light into the world.”

The experience was amazing. Everyone received the card as a blessing. It turned out to be a beautiful way to connect with others. Meanwhile, I have a renewed commitment to “be still and know” so that I am able to bring my spirit fully into the world.

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