Be an Oasis

Right now I’m preparing to be a guest on Jonathon Fogel’s Healthy Wellness radio show in Minnesota. They are featuring The Energy Cure and want to explore ways to manage our personal energy.

As of late, my passion has been centered around Portals of Peace – my most recent baby – which results in very little thought about anything else, but reviewing The Energy Cure has reminded me how we can make profound changes in our lives by simply applying the concepts of personal energy management. There are basically three levels of energy management.

The first level is proactive – Adopting the rituals that feed us on a daily basis. We all know what they are, but are we doing them? My meditation practice, while still alive and well, needs to be practiced more fully, more deeply, and I’m thankful for this reminder:)

Second, we need to make the moment by moment choices that preserve our energy. What are my thoughts doing to my energy right now? How is this person affecting my energy? What will this food do to my energy? Remember, everything we do either drains or nourishes us!
Finally, we need to transform any draining patterns (behaviors that provide an immediate boost, but leave us more depleted than we started) that keep us from being our best and brightest. These patterns range from relationship conflicts to procrastination regarding self-care and personal growth.
Developing an energy management frame of mind is so simple and practical, yet the results are profound. And in this world of GO GO GO, it’s good to remember that our light and energy feeds us first, but then overflows into the world around us – an oasis in the desert.

Be an oasis!!!
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