Good Morning!

It’s a beautiful morning here in Scottsdale. It’s probably about 75 degrees and breezy. As promised, I’ve been spending more time “in the silence.” Meditating, contemplating, energizing. I feel much better.

Yesterday in yoga I had an interesting experience. It felt like everything in my past was dissolving as I stepped into a new river of life. I’ve heard that you can have a death/rebirth experience within a lifetime, but I’m not sure if that’s what’s happening or if I’m just releasing more of what isn’t me.

My dear friend and blog buddy just came off 10 days of the Master Cleanser fast. I too continue to fast, but for me it works best to do one day a week. (As a Libra, balance is supreme;). No marathon runs, 10 day fasts or anything extreme for this girl! Don’t get me wrong Gabster – you are clearly the bomb!!

I believe that fasting is helping me to release a layer of fear that my spiritual practice alone has not enabled me to do. I’ve often heard from people on spiritual journeys that the physical is the last level of purification. For me that has definitely been the case.

What becomes more clear each day is that each of us has a unique spiritual path and following our own guidance is the quickest way to inner peace and enlightenment.

This blog post is more about staying connected than anything else, so once again, Good Morning!!! Enjoy your weekend and the week to come, and remember to take time to tune into your inner voice.

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