Hungry for God

Do you ever feel hungry for God? This morning as I sat down to meditate, I heard myself say, “I’m hungry for God.” I actually felt the cravings associated with hunger – spiritual hunger that is.

Once I became clear of what was happening, I became still and invited God into my cells. This approach really works for me. It is as if I give the invitation and then open up to receive. What I’m realizing is that God is always waiting to fill us up and all we need to do is enter a state of calm receptivity. I actually picture my cells open to allow light to penetrate them.

Had I not sat down to meditate, I may not have heard the voice telling me what I was hungry for. As we all know, not knowing exactly what we’re craving can lead to “searching for love in all the wrong places…”

I feel much better now. Nourished, full and ready for a great day!
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