You teach what you need to learn…

I believe in the saying that you teach what you most need to learn and today I’m experiencing it first hand. Last night I stayed up late watching a movie and then had a hard time sleeping… Today I’m wrecked!

Truth is, I have a sensitive energy system. I have since I was a little girl and could feel the energy of the plants lining the streets as I walked to school in the morning.

I was so sensitive to the energy of others that I ate to buffer myself. I kept a solid padding of “chubby” (I much prefer that word to fat:) on my body as a way to lower my vibration so that I would feel less.

Here’s how to know if you have a sensitive energy system:
  • You “pick up” on the mood of others and intuitively try to fix it.
  • You are highly affected by changes in your routine, such as not getting enough sleep, eating too much sugar, etc.
  • You sometimes avoid new experiences because the energy may be overwhelming.
  • You get over-stimulated by big crowds, extended periods of loud noise, smells, chaos, etc.
  • Others tell you to “relax” or “lighten up,” because they observe you getting tense or shutting down from over-stimulation.

This is a brief list of some of the indications of energy sensitivity. I’ve found that building strong internal boundaries (my own psychic space that I’m able to keep safe by staying connected to my breath and not taking on other’s issues) has helped a lot, as does self care, which I failed at miserably last night!

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