Communicating with Spirit

My favorite word for Spirit or God is Life. I use life because it feels natural and universal, and to me it is the animating substance that flows through all living things.

However, when I think of communicating with the life within me it becomes a more personal matter. It then becomes my Inner Voice or the Voice of God or Spirit or intuition.

Communicating with spirit has become a huge part of my life. These conversations not only give me insight and inspiration, they give me security and the conviction that I’m not navigating through life on my own.

I say “conversation” because I’m an auditory person and many times I actually hear my inner voice. Other times I’ll channel it when I’m writing.

Some people get flashes of inspiration in their mind or a picture will come into their head. Others get spiritual guidance in the form of vague feelings or hunches that they feel they need to follow. It all depends on the predominant way you process information.

My relationship with Spirit is primary. I would not be able to have a healthy relationship with anyone else if I did not have a strong connection to the ONE that connects us all.

I share this because so many of us are anxious and ungrounded – including myself at times – and going within brings us back down to earth and provides clarity, peace and guidance.

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