Milk the Moment

Friday before leaving for The Flagstaff Yoga Festival I spoke to a client over the phone. The last thing she said was, “Have fun at the Festival this weekend and don’t forget to milk the moment!” That was the first time I’d heard anyone say “Milk the Moment” and it really stuck. What a perfect way to describe being fully present! This was my mantra all weekend and it turned out to be a collection of some of the best moments ever.

In addition to being with a few of my favorite people including the beautiful ladies at (shown in picture), we got to enjoy the presence of all the kind and open yogis. On top of that, the weather was to die for… After 100+ degree weather for months, the coolness was a welcome change:)

Thankfully this weekend is going to be a little cooler for us in the valley – only 105 degrees;) So cool that my boyfriend and I are planning to have dinner on the patio! Go figure…

Have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to milk the moment!

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