The Center for Renewal

I am thrilled to announce a new center that I am opening with my partner (and sister:) Michelle O’Neill. It is called The Center for Renewal. It’s purpose is to provide a supportive environment in which people can come and fast for 24 hours.

As many of you know I am a big proponent of fasting. I do one-day fasts regularly and I can say without a doubt that these purification days save me. They save me from bad moods, bloating and weight gain while increasing my sense of playfulness, grounding and inspiration.

Fasting is also a key aspect of essentialization. It falls into the “shedding” category right after charging and alchemy.

The two steps following shedding are embodying and expressing your spirit – a natural result of letting go of physical and emotional blocks.

I’ll keep you posted on dates and locations for the first retreat!

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