C Celebrate what is.
RReceive guidance from within.
EElevate above negativity.
A Act on intuitive guidance.
TTiming. Honor divine timing.
EEmulate success to inspire others.

I received this acronym from my guides as I was journaling the other day. It is powerful. Creating is not something that happens only when we want something. It is a moment by moment dance with life that yields joy and abundance.

Celebrating your blessings opens you up inside and allows life energy to fill you up. In other words, celebrating whatever it is you can be happy about in this moment is a prerequisite for participating with life in a creative way. This is proactive and different from having gratitude after something we desire has come to fruition.

Receiving guidance within points us in the direction of our heart’s desires and lights the way toward purposeful direction.
Elevating above negativity keeps our energy vibrating at a fast rate so that we can continue to hear our inner voice and feel our intuition.

Maintaining a lifeline to our inner self is only useful when we Act on the guidance we receive.

Then we must rest, knowing that timing is out of our hands, as are the details of how our best life unfolds.

Finally, as we Emulate success (joy, fulfillment, peace and abundance), we inspire others to step above the vibration of competition and create the life of their dreams.

The most powerful step for me has been to practice celebrating the simple blessings on a moment by moment basis. I can actually feel my heart open when I do this. It feels different to me than “after the fact” gratitude, and has truly enriched my life.

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