Inner Peace

I’m just now rebounding from my talk last week. I notice that these events really do a number on my energy. It always takes a few days of doing nothing to refuel and get life flowing again.

That said, it was an amazing honor to speak at the AZ Department of Peace. I believe whole heatedly in the mission and purpose of this group – what we focus on expands right?

The message of my talk was how inner peace relates to world peace. In addition to peace affecting our environment directly and energetically, we view the world differently when we are at peace. We see with what I call “whole vision.” When we are connected to the light within us, we are able to see the light within others, even when they behave badly.

With whole vision we remember that everything is either an act of love or a call for love.

Above all else, inner peace is the result of inner integration. We still get in bad moods, we still have moments of frustration and life continues to ebb and flow according to its own rhythms, but when we are integrated inside we are no longer at war with ourselves. Life moves through without bumping up against our suppressions. We don’t need to self-sabotage because we are aligned with the flow of life rather than our with our small and defended egos.

Thankfully, I can say that I experience deep inner peace these days. I have my ups and downs like everyone else. I get snippy with my loved ones and sometimes feel overwhelmed, but life and I are on the same side. That wasn’t always the case, which makes the peace even sweeter.

We all deserve to be at peace. It’s not hard, it just requires that we spend time tuning into our inner selves, which will intuitively guide us toward integration and wholeness.

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