Anxiety versus Sensitivity

So many of us struggle with anxiety. We may even develop anxiety disorders such as OCD or chronic panic attacks. Anxiety in general seems to be on the rise and I have to say that I’m not surprised.

We move so fast, take little or no time for reflection, over-consume and constantly distract ourselves with technology, electronic devices and toys that are inherently ungrounding.

Anxiety is the spiritual, emotional and physical energy that is trying to flow into the world but instead swims in circles within the body. Sensitive people – those of us who are highly intuitive, artistic or just plain aware – need to be even more vigilant about buffering our lives against anxiety.

Transforming anxiety into passionate expression is possible if we do the following:
  • Get Grounded – Ground your spiritual energy daily through connecting rituals such as meditation, journaling and walking or running without music.
  • Create Safety – Surround yourself with people who honor you, your quirks, your feelings and your passions. Distance yourself from anyone who is unsupportive, as people who respond with silence or criticism cause us to retreat, pulling our energy back inside the body where it again swims and turns to anxiety.
  • Express Your Feelings – Emotional energy is spiritual energy with extra velocity. Left unexpressed, it festers and eats us alive.
  • Feed Your Passions – Choosing a life of security over expressing our God given talents is a recipe for chronic anxiety. We are built to express our unique brand of brilliance into the world. Find a way to do this today.

I used to have anxiety and didn’t even know what it was. I felt fearful and was overly cautious. While I utilize all of the above techniques, creating safety in my life has been the single most important thing I have done to transform my anxiety… We all deserve nothing less.

God Bless.

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