Christ’s Light

Today is the Winter Solstice -the shortest day of the year. Three days from midnight tonight we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and the renewed light in all of us.

It’s interesting that the light emerges three days after the darkest day of the year. It is typical to have a funeral three days after someone dies, and of course there are three days between the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. According to Doreen Virtue, the number three symbolizes the presence of ascended masters such as Jesus and Buddha.

I believe that we are rebirthed many times throughout our lives. What if, when we’ve been lost in our own wilderness of drama, addiction and trauma, it takes three days for our light to once again emerge along with our inner peace?

I’ve always been aware of the delay between right action and feeling good, but now I’m wondering if there is some metaphysical rhyme or reason to the number three.

Regardless, if anyone reading this is currently making choices that “miss the mark” (literal translation for sin), now is your time to return to Right Action, for in three days – on Christmas morning – your light will be once again shining bright.
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