The Path to Peace

If you visit this blog regularly, you probably rely on your intuition to help you navigate through life. Whenever you have a problem, you most likely look inside yourself for the answer. If you’re like me, sometimes the answer pops up instantly, and other times you remain “in the dark” until you receive clarity.

Here’s something to remember: The solution never exists at the same level as the problem. For example, if you are worried about something and search your mind for relief, you will only get more of the same. Therefore, it is most effective to move to a different level of self in order to perceive the solution.

Enter yoga, showers, and dreams. Almost every time I have a challenge within myself, I get clarity “on the mat.” About an hour into a yoga class, my spiritual self reveals a truth that shines a light on my petty problem and puts it into perspective. I’ve heard many people say that the shower is what does it for them. Perhaps the water allows your energy to expand and communicate guidance more clearly. Dreams are powerful vehicles for truth as well, as our defenses are down and we can hear and feel what our psyche would have us know.

So next time you’re in turmoil about one of life’s many challenges, step out of your mind for a bit and allow your higher self to take the wheel. It may take a day, or it may take a week, but a solution will emerge and return you to a place of peace.
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