Baby Steps

My beautiful sister Michelle sends me Abraham Hicks videos from time to time. There are hundreds of them on YouTube on every subject you can imagine. They are very good and always get me thinking.

One of their teachings involves bridging the gap between where we are and where we want to go. When there’s a lot of disparity between the two, both vibrations attract energy and grow. When the gap or disparity gets too large or too ingrained, reaching our desired destination becomes very challenging.

I was contemplating this on my run the other day (thank goodness my iPod ran out of juice so my higher self could get a word in edgewise!) and realized that feelings of despair arise out of hopelessness that comes from a sense of inner disparity.
This is why baby steps are so important. When we set our sights on unrealistic goals, we unwittingly reinforce our current situation because the contrast is so big. Acceptance of our current situation – without making it our identity – is also important. Accepting what is, with a view toward the next step bridges the disparity gap.
The energy of acceptance is love in action. Loving ourselves and our circumstances creates the conditions for change and transformation to occur.
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